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Why Psychotherapy?

Explore your mind and learn to manage it better, whether it is for dealing with distressing anxiety or depression, work on improving relationships, or whatever is keeping you stuck. We can work together to realize your potential through Acceptance and Commitment therapy, a process-based therapy.   

On an average, 6-10 therapy sessions may be required to work on all areas of concern, however, more brief therapy maybe enough for certain problems.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

The latest evidence-based technology in psychotherapy that can identify and target the exact maladaptive mechanism that is keeping us stuck and caught up in vicious self-defeating cycles. Learning skills to manage one’s thoughts and feelings, and move towards a rich and meaningful life would never have been this engaging and interesting with ACT!


ACT makes you Psychologically flexible, just as Yogasana makes you physically flexible!

Online Psychotherapy

Psychological consultation and psychotherapy through online platforms such as skype and zoom, allows you to access quick and hassle free professional therapeutic services from the comfort and privacy of your home. Online adapted psychotherapy can be just as effective as direct face-face psychotherapy sessions, provided we have good interest and internet speed!


Both the fact and content of our sessions is confidential and will not be released to a third party without written consent from you.

Other Psychotherapies available

Behaviour therapy, Cognitive Behaviour therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour therapy and Interpersonal therapy are other forms of therapy that I do as part of Process based therapy (PBT).

Qualified and trained clinical psychologist

In India, required qualification to be a clinical Psychologist is M.Phil in Clinical Psychology from an Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) approved institution and licensed to practice as a registered clinical psychologist. So make sure you are consulting the right qualified and licensed mental health professional.  We don’t want to be in the wrong hands that can do more harm!


If you don’t have Skype, click here to download:  It is a free and secure software used worldwide. If you already use Skype, you will need to provide your Skype name and ID in the form you will fill to consult me the first time. I will be able to contact you at the time and date of our appointment. Please log on to Skype 5 minutes before your appointment in order to avoid any delay.

What Our Clients Say

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Ms. T, Bank Officer

I got the necessary help at a difficult juncture in my life. Learning the psychological flexibility skills through ACT, helped me overcome my blocks and made me resilient to future challenges,

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